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19-Jun-2017 04:51

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He didn’t want to make the wrong one and cause me to be upset, so he figured that it was easier to just not make any decisions at all, leaving me with the brunt of the responsibility.

Even though I’m all for equality in relationships, it’s just so much more attractive when a guy is confident and sure of his decisions. With all of these unexpressed emotions built up inside of him, he was like a bomb about to go off. It would often look like him going quiet or rolling his eyes or whatever it may be and he was totally just doing it to himself.

He would tell these little white lies just to keep me happy and I would ALWAYS know when he was doing it.

He would hold back details or make stuff up just to make sure I still loved him and it was pretty sad. One of the most unattractive qualities in a man is the inability to make decisions.

They find it almost impossible to say no—even when saying yes wreaks havoc on their own best-laid plans.

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He would pretend to be happy when he really wasn’t. He must have decided about halfway through that he wasn’t happy but was so afraid that I’d get mad at him that he just put up with it, pretending he was okay when he really wasn’t.My last boyfriend seemed perfect at first, but then I found out why—he’s a people pleaser.

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